Advice When Applying For Individual Health Insurance

If you live in Pennsylvania and are in the process of searching for individual or family health insurance you will find many quoted plans available. Below are a few things to keep in mind when looking for coverage:

1. Call a licensed insurance agent and ask if you qualify for AdultBasic which is a low cost health plan offered in Pennsylvania.

2. Many people do not realize that borrowed plans are only accurate for non-smokers within the insurance carrier's preferred guidelines for height and weight. The person applying must also not be taking prescription medication and have no current treatment for any medical condition. If you're not in the "perfect health" category be prepared to pay anywhere between 15 and 50 percent more than quoted.

3. Where you live may affect your promotions. When asked for a zip code make sure you list the one that applies to your home mailing address not your work address. Two people with exactly the same health related criteria can have varying rates if they stay in different areas of the state.

4. Check the details of the plan you choose. A lot of Pennsylvania health insurance companies offer "saver" plans which often have much lower premiums but also carry reduced benefits. The last thing you want is purchasing a policy with less coverage than you're expecting.

5. Be mindful that most policies DO NOT cover maternity costs so look carefully over the plan if this is a benefit which needed.

6. Please be aware that many insurance carriers will not cover pre-existing conditions and every application needs to be reviewed by an underwriter.

Additionally, all insurance plans and prices need the approval of the PA Department of Insurance. It's also a good idea to call a local licensed broker who can guide you through the maze of available policies.