Delta Airlines – an easy way to fly

Delta Airlines operates more than 1,500 flights a day, employing about 70,000 people in various positions. After 30 years of work, airline employees have many opportunities, including free worldwide travel; medical, dental and vision coverage; paid holidays; life insurance; holidays and profit sharing. Delta's partner airlines include – Air France, AeroMexico, Alitalia, AirEuropa and Aeroflot. Airline employees also receive domestic affiliate programs.

Delta Airlines' fleet consists of different types and flight models. The airline has Boeing and numerous airbus aircraft. Some of them were acquired after its merger with Northwest Airlines in 2008. The airline has the largest fleets of Boeing 757 and Boeing 767 and is also the largest operator of Airbus A330 aircraft in America. There are different types of aircraft in the Delta fleet – Airbus A319-100, Boeing 757-200, McDonnell Douglas DC-9-40, McDonnell Douglas MD-88, McDonnell Douglas MD-90, Boeing 767-300ER, etc.

You can check the status of a Delta Airline & # 39; flight during which you or your loved ones are traveling. Although more than 75% of Delta flights are on time, they can sometimes be delayed due to bad weather and heavy traffic. Log in to the official Delta website to track the status of your flight. Enter the flight number or airport code of the flight being monitored in the sections provided. You can also call the airline's flight information phone to find out the status.

Delta Airline allows passengers to travel with pets in a cabin with their owners, subject to certain restrictions. The pet must be kept in a kennel that can fit under the seat in front of you. Passengers can contact the booking department for the exact size of the kennel. The pet must be kept inside the kennel with the door closed in the aircraft, as well as in the rest and entrance areas. Only one pet per passenger is allowed on the plane. Contact the airlines for other rules for transporting pets.