Good Movies to Watch

If you’re looking for some good movies to watch, be sure to check out the selections below. I spend a lot of time viewing everything from the classics to the latest theatrical releases, and I’m confident that you’ll enjoy these movies as much (or more) than I did.

Harvey (1950) – James Stewart plays Elwood P. Dowd, a likable fellow who enjoys a bit of drink every now and again. His best pal is Harvey, an invisible rabbit (also known as a pooka) who Elwood claims is over six feet tall. His sister worries that he’s crazy, and she enlists a psychiatrist to assist him. But as time goes on and Elwood shares his philosophy of life, those who know him begin to catch glimpses of Harvey as well. A charming fantasy based on the stage play by Mary Chase.

Groundhog Day (1993) – Phil Connors (Bill Murray) is a Pittsburgh weatherman who also happens to be a real jerk. Sent to cover the annual Groundhog Day celebration in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, he soon finds himself living the same day over and over. Years go by, and slowly Phil begins to change for the better, vowing to win the love of lovely TV producer Rita (Andie MacDowell). Murray is in top form as he masters the art of ice sculpting, repeatedly commits suicide, and even learns to play the piano like a pro.

Judgment at Nuremberg (1961) – A fictional account of the Nuremberg Trials that took place after the conclusion of World War II. Four judges stand trial for their action during the Nazi regime, and a military tribunal is assembled to hear their case. An outstanding courtroom drama starring Spencer Tracy, Burt Lancaster, Judy Garland, Marlene Dietrich, Maximilian Schell (in an Oscar-winning performance), and Montgomery Clift.

L.A. Confidential (1997) – Based on the crime novel by James Ellroy, this modern classic is set in a 1950s Los Angeles brimming with corruption and violence. Kevin Spacey, Russell Crowe, and Guy Pearce star as three L.A. cops caught up in the middle of all the seediness, each working on their own agenda. Kim Basinger won an Oscar and revived her career by playing a prostitute who resembles Veronica Lake, and other key performances are provided by James Cromwell, Danny DeVito, and David Strathairn. A gritty look at cops and cons, with the line between the two often being blurred.

Wild Strawberries (1957) – Director Ingmar Bergman turned out this tale of optimism and self-discovery revolving around an elderly doctor (Victor Sjostrom) reflecting on his past. Considered one of his best films, Bergman wrote the screenplay while hospitalized.

Network (1976) – A scathing satire of mass media, Network is still all-too-relevant in this modern age of tabloid journalism and confession culture. A television network struggled with falling ratings, but they get a boost when a normally sedate newsman (Peter Finch) has an on-air nervous breakdown and begins ranting like a madman. The network takes advantage of the chaos, and soon this modern-day prophet has people sticking their heads out the window and shouting “I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore!” Meanwhile, a slimy producer (Faye Dunaway) tries to develop a network show about terrorism, eventually creating The Mao Tse-Tung Hour. Also starring William Holden, Ned Beatty, and Robert Duvall. Nominated for 10 Oscars, Network would win for Best Screenplay (Paddy Chayefsky), Best Supporting Actress (Beatrice Straight), Best Actress (Faye Dunaway), and Best Actor (Peter Finch).

Those searching for good movies to watch should have more than enough material to keep them busy for a while. Once you’re done with these cinematic classics, try checking back for more articles on the subject.

What the Heck is an Amur Pike?

Pretty much every angler knows and would recognize a Northern Pike. Esox lucius as it is known to scientists is a species that can be found across the Northern reaches of America, Europe and Asia. As a fierce predator with the potential to grow big (reportedly 150 centimetres and 35 kilograms) the Northern Pike attracts its fair share of interest and plenty of angling devotees.

Few anglers will know as much about the Amur Pike. Esox reichertii is a species in its own right but just what makes it different and where are they found?

The Amur River is one of Asia’s great rivers. It flows for over 4000 kilometres (taking the longest tributary), eventually flowing out into the Pacific Ocean near the Straights of Tartary – the narrow sea between the Siberian mainland and the Island of Sakhalin. For part of its length it forms the border between the Russian Federation and China – an area that remained in dispute right up into the last century.

The Amur River has a number of significant tributaries including the Songhua, Argun, Shilka and Onon Rivers.

The Amur river-system is truly diverse, passing through desert, tundra, taiga and steppe. Many species have a significant Amur variation, including the Amur Tiger (bigger than the Bengal tiger, with a distinct white winter coat), the Amur Cork Tree (used in Traditional Chinese Medicine) and the Amur Pike.

The Amur Pike is very similar to the Northern Pike in its habitat and lifestyle. It too is a predator, preferring to lie in ambush in vegetation and prey upon smaller fish in the water, and frogs, rodents and small birds on the surface.

The Amur Pike does not reach the same size as the Northern Pike but can still reach a size that makes it an attractive target for anglers. The largest on record measured 115 centimetres and 20 kilograms; that’s 45 inches and 44 pounds in old money).

The main distinguishing feature is the skin pattern. Amur Pike are covered in dark spots; hence their other name – Black-spotted Pike.

Amur Pike are only native to the Amur watershed and to Sakhalin Island. Specimens can be found in lakes in the region, especially oxbow lakes that were obviously part of the river system at some point in the not-so-distant past.

Many of the rivers in the Russian federation are heavily fished with nets reducing the chances for rod and line anglers wanting good sport. Some of the best fishing for Amur Pike takes place along the Onon River in Mongolia, which is well protected by poor access.

Amur Pike were introduced to Glendale Lake, Pennsylvania, back in the late sixties. However, the stock was wiped out in the summer of ’76.

Amur Pike make for an exotic alternative to Northern Pike for the serious pike devotee looking for a mission abroad. There is no need for any special gear, nor any restriction upon the methods to be used. Live or dead baits are acceptable; so are lures. Fly fishing for pike is catching on and would be well worth a try, especially as the same rivers also hold Taimen, the largest of the Salmonids. A Catch and Release policy is not compulsory but encouraged.

Mobsters in America – The Murder of Joe Rosen Sat Louie Lepke Right Down Into the Electric Chair

Joe Rosen was a legitimate business man, who never broke the law in his life. But when he was killed in 1936, on the order of Louis "Lepke" Buchalter, it was the first link in the chain that sat Lepke right down into the electric chair.

Joe Rubin, from Brownsville in Brooklyn, had finally hit the jackpot. Through sweat and hard work, he had started a small trucking business, that catering to non-union, tailoring-contact customers in the Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania area. These were solid accounts and they bought Rosen a partnership in the New York & New Jersey Truck Company. But Louie "Lepke" Buchalter, from the same neighborhood as Rosen in Brownsville in Brooklyn, had other ideas. Lepke was a founding partner in Brooklyn's infamous "Murder Incorporated, but his pal and sometimes partner Max Rubin supervised the Amalgamated Clothing Worker's Union.

"But if I lose the Pennsylvania business, I lose everything," Rosen told them. "I've been in the clothing business all my life and now I'm being pushed out of it."

Which was exactly what Rubin and Lepke did. But as a consensus prize, the wave Rosen a job as a truck driver in Garfield Express, a trucking business that Lepke owned 50% interest in, with his partner Louis Cooper. Eight months later, Cooper fired Rosen and Rosen was out of work for 18 months. He used borrowed funds to open a small candy store in Brownsville, but Rosen was a loud and unhappy camper. Special Prosecutor Thomas E. Dewey was a fierce investigator, focusing on the labor racks, and he began making noise about Lepke's involvement with the Amalgamated Clothing Worker's Union.

"This is bad," Rubin told Lepke. "Joe (Rosen) is around complaining he's got a family and he does not have anything to eat. We got a desperate man on our hands."

Lepke, in a display of sheer generosity, told Rubin to give Rosen a few bucks, but in return, before Dewey caught a whiff of what he was saying, Rosen had to split town immediately. Rubin met with Rosen in his candy store and said, "Here's two hundred dollars. Lepke wants you to go away and cool down.

Rosen did as he was told, and he holed up with his son, who lived and worked as a coal miner in Reading, Pennsylvania. Less than a week later, Rosen's wife contacted him and told him his mother was sick. Rosen was sick too; sick of Reading, Pennsylvania. So he hopped on a bus and hightailed it back to New York City. He was back working in his candy store the very next day. This did not please Lepke too much. Lepke usually insulated himself from any direct connection to the scores of murderers he ordered. Instead he had a small group of lieutenants, including Rubin, which he gave orders to, and these orders were passed down the line to the temporary killers. Albie Tannenbaum was one of his killers, but not one of his confessors. Unfortunately, Tannenbaum was in the next room when Lepke blew his top about Rosen.

"I've seen enough of this crap," Lepke screamed at Rubin. "That (expletives) Rosen, he's going around shooting his mouth off about seeing Dewey. He and nobody else is going any place and doing any talking."

On September 13, 1936, a band of Lepke's killers, led by Harry "Pittsburgh Phil" Strauss, sat in ambush as Rosen opened his candy store at 7:30 am. In an extreme example of overkill, the shooters rushed into the store and emptied seventeen bullets into Rosen's body; the last four pumped by Strauss after Rosen was already dead.

For the next four years, Murder Incorporated committed hundreds of murderers, but not one of them could have traced back to Lepke. Dewey was on Lepke's trail for slews of other crimes, so Lepke lammed it somewhere in New York City, which is the easiest place to hide, with eight million people milling about, minding their own business.

In 1940, at the urging of his partners Lucky Luciano and Meyer Lansky, Lepke tuned himself in to FBI Chief J. Edgar Hoover, thinking of the fix was in and he was mercifully having to do a few years in the can for his crimes. But he was double-crossed by Luciano and Lansky, and also by Albie Tannenbaum and Max Rubin, who had been pinched too, and were looking to make a deal. Both rats agreed on the witness stand that Lepke had ordered Rosen's killing. After Tannenbaum quoted Lepke verbatim about taking care of Rosen, thereby confirming Rubin's account, Lepke's goose was cooked. On November 30, 1941, it took the jury a little over four hours to return a guilty verdict on Lepke for murder.

After several appearances were turned down, on March 4, 1944, Lepke was fried in the electric chair at Sing Sing Prison, and it was the murder of Joe Rosen, a poor person, who just wanted to live a decent, hard-working life in peace, that put him there.

To this day, Louis "Lepke" Buchalter is the only mob boss ever to be executed by the government.

Advice When Applying For Individual Health Insurance

If you live in Pennsylvania and are in the process of searching for individual or family health insurance you will find many quoted plans available. Below are a few things to keep in mind when looking for coverage:

1. Call a licensed insurance agent and ask if you qualify for AdultBasic which is a low cost health plan offered in Pennsylvania.

2. Many people do not realize that borrowed plans are only accurate for non-smokers within the insurance carrier's preferred guidelines for height and weight. The person applying must also not be taking prescription medication and have no current treatment for any medical condition. If you're not in the "perfect health" category be prepared to pay anywhere between 15 and 50 percent more than quoted.

3. Where you live may affect your promotions. When asked for a zip code make sure you list the one that applies to your home mailing address not your work address. Two people with exactly the same health related criteria can have varying rates if they stay in different areas of the state.

4. Check the details of the plan you choose. A lot of Pennsylvania health insurance companies offer "saver" plans which often have much lower premiums but also carry reduced benefits. The last thing you want is purchasing a policy with less coverage than you're expecting.

5. Be mindful that most policies DO NOT cover maternity costs so look carefully over the plan if this is a benefit which needed.

6. Please be aware that many insurance carriers will not cover pre-existing conditions and every application needs to be reviewed by an underwriter.

Additionally, all insurance plans and prices need the approval of the PA Department of Insurance. It's also a good idea to call a local licensed broker who can guide you through the maze of available policies.

Tips For Visiting the Little League World Series of Baseball

The Little League World Series is the most popular baseball tournament for children aged 11-13 years old. It is a worldwide tournament that features 16 teams from the U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia, Latin America, and Middle East-Africa. Die hard baseball fans watch it and witness the future stars of the world of baseball. Casual fans visit the tournament to watch little Babe Ruths slug it out. The tournament kicks off every August in South Williamsport, Pennsylvania in the United States. If you want to go all the way to Pennsylvania to watch the tournament, here are a few tips that you need to remember:

Travel and Accommodation

If you are traveling by car, take U.S. Route 15 into South Williamsport. Once you arrive in the area, there are several road signs that will lead you to the Little League Baseball Stadium. If you have an Automotive Navigation System, you should enter the following address: 570 East Central Avenue – South Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Parking in Little League Stadiums is free.

If you are looking for a place to stay, the nearest hotels and motels are often booked in advance for the World Series. You may call the Lycoming County Visitors Bureau for information on the nearby hotels and motels. This bureau will also help you find local attractions, restaurants, and other events during the Little League World Series. If you are unable to make an early reservation, you can rent fully furnished houses near the stadium. You can visit to view houses for rent in the area.

Little League Stadiums

Admission to all Little League World Series games is free. For the early rounds of the tournament, you can visit the Little League Volunteer Stadium. The stadium can only seat 5,000 people. Tickets are not sold in advance, but it is available to the public on a first-come, first-served basis. The final rounds of the Little League World Series are played in the Howard J. Lamade Stadium. It can seat approximately 10, 000 people. Most of the tickets for the final weekend are distributed early by lottery. However, you can watch the games on the hillside terraces overlooking the stadium. The hillside terraces offers a good view of the game and it can accommodate 30,000 more fans.

A variety of food and beverages are available in the stadium. There is also a designated area for Little League souvenirs.

For safety reasons, alcohol, laser pointers, pets, large containers and coolers, bottles and cans, knives, and any sharp or pointed objects are not allowed inside the stadium. Special items required for babies and medications for allergies are permitted. The stadium is a no-smoking area so traditional cigarettes and even smokeless cigarettes (e-cigarettes) are strictly prohibited.

Little League Baseball World Series is one of the few sporting events in the world that you can watch free. So if you want to witness exciting baseball action without spending a lot of money, visit South Williamsport, Pennsylvania this August.

Learning How to Gather Car Insurance Quotes

The Pennsylvania state laws require every driver plying through its roads to have at least a single financial liability so they will be fully legitimate to do so. Most residents in the state have already purchased their own car insurance policy just to honor this legal requirement. But the problem lies with having less information about the policies that they purchased. What happens is that they can only be awarded with less coverage than they have expected during the purchase. Many experts believe that a driver should not be content of matching the minimum car insurance coverage that is mandated by the state of Pennsylvania; instead he must prepare for rainy days by gathering Pa car insurance quotes and going for a full insurance coverage that would amount to a reasonable sum of money.

To paint a better picture, this is what the situation looks like; the state's requirement for the Bodily Injury Liability limits at its minimum is $ 15,000 for every injured person, and $ 30,000 for each accident. The Property Damage Liability coverage can be purchased at a minimum of $ 5,000. Also to be considered is another $ 5000 for the medical expenses intended for the other party in the accident. If you look at it more closely, your first impression will likely be that all these will amount to a huge sum. These figures are usually common throughout the United States, and what you may not know is that this is among the lowest. This basic coverage figures are better known as the 15/30/5 coverage. And because these are among the lowest in the country it does not mean that they are already enough for you and that you can get on with your life. The truth is this setup may not be totally safe as you are inadequately protected driving through Pennsylvania roads. What experts agree on to be the safe figures are 100/30/100. With this, you are certain to be covered significantly in case of getting into a road accident. But there still other things to consider like choosing between full tort and the limited tort, and especially in the more sensitive case of the uninsured or underinsured vehicles.

To prepare yourself for all of these, the very first step that you must undergo is to get started with comparing the different Pa car insurance quotes. You're in for a tough time if you decide to carry out this process by meeting each insurer individually. It simply takes a lot of your time, and along the way you will probably get confused and lose track as to which company will offer you the cheapest rates and the best benefits, or the rates that you can well afford since a tight budget. You will simply lose yourself in your hunt this way.

But fear not. There is a simple solution that will keep you from those hassles. You can search for Pa car insurance quotes online; it is very easy and efficient. Each insurance company website has an accessible quote box on the main site page. All you have to do is input data and it will automatically compute for you so you can have the results right away. Here you can easily compare which among the companies are offering you the best rates, and you need not to get confused while at it. And after you have chosen, you can go ahead and buy your policy.

Car Insurance Quotes – Some Important Facts You Ought to Know

Before, people said that getting a car insurance quote anywhere in the country is an overwhelming task. It takes time and lots of effort. You have to meet with each insurance agent just to hear out their propositions. And along the way, you get confused digesting all the information presented to you; which certainly makes decision-making a nightmare in itself. That situation is just the same here in the state of Pennsylvania, shopping for car insurance quotes tend to be a very tedious process that people sometimes feel they are not up to it.

But these days we are blessed with a simple online system that presents automatic results, and shopping for PA car insurance quotes is now as effortless as it can be. All you need to do is to input data into a small quote box located in every insurance company web page and you’ll get your instant quote. But in spite of this, there are some important issues that you must be familiar of, especially here in Pennsylvania. First of all, you need to get yourself updated with the current insurance laws in the state. And you need to know the minimum and maximum coverage levels that you can avail of, especially when it comes to property damages or bodily injuries. If you are a resident you are obliged by law to apply for such, which means that if you cause injury to someone else, then it will be your responsibility to pay for the medical expenses and costs of repairs. The best course of action to take is to go for the maximum. This makes driving Pennsylvania roads safe, while opting for the minimum coverage will never be enough.

The year 2010 is a witness to the evident decline in car insurance rates, which makes shopping for PA car insurance quotes all the better. Rates have been fluctuating over the years. Recent premium rates are reported at around 13% less compared to that of 2009. Planning to save money on insurance is not really that hard, as you can simply buy more insurance than you need. It’s just like “saving for rainy days.” You can also show certification to your insurer that you have taken an accident prevention course or better yet a driver’s education course. Another good way to save money in this undertaking is to install anti-theft devices and daytime running lights in your car. A clean driving record can get you discounts and helps bring car insurance rates down.

Getting your car insurance quotes online clearly has its benefits. Most Americans generally pay a bit more that residents in Pennsylvania. Here, the premium is usually just below than the American average. People in nature want great value in their plans, and they are also engrossed in looking for ways to lower their premiums as much as possible. And doing that online will spare you with the confusion that you sure will get if ever you decide to meet with individual car insurers one at a time. You can do all of this things inside the comfort of your home. Shopping for PA car insurance quotes online will only cost you a few hours, and nothing else.

Health Insurance For the Self Employed – Things to Consider

Like many states, the business environment in Pennsylvania is changing a great deal due to entrepreneurs and the rapid growth of small and home based businesses. The rising number of people that are becoming self-employed is greatly increasing the need for individual health insurance. As most people are new to this, they do not really understand how to go about getting the right insurance plan.

What to consider when getting individual and family health insurance:

o Pennsylvania is not a guaranteed issue state and does not require, by law, that pre-existing conditions be covered. Find out about thewriting guidelines that different companies use and ask if pre-existing conditions are covered.

o It is advisable to inquire whether or not you qualify for AdultBasic (a health plan of low cost that is offered in Pennsylvania).

o When companies ask you to select your deductible, remember that if you choose a higher deductible your premium will be significantly reduced.

o There are numerous health insurance companies which quotes you can use to compare coverage. This can help a great deal while selecting a suitable plan.

You should also be aware that the premiums on your coverage can be affected by where you live.

It is important to remember that medical insurance services as a security blanket for your health and finances you should not delay getting coverage for yourself and your family. You need not worry about how to apply as most of the companies have easy to complete applications which can be filled out online.

Also, be sure to seek the advice of an independent licensed agent as they represent many carriers and can give you the proper advice.

How To Get A Hack License In New York City

A New York City Taxi Drivers License is called a “Hack License”. Officially it is known as a New York City Taxi Operators License. The license allows the holder / driver to operate a Yellow Medallion Taxicab in the Five Boroughs of the City of New York. Only a Yellow Medallion Taxicab is permitted to pick up passengers hailing from the street in the City. The Hack license, issued through The New York City Taxi & Limousine Commission, is the only license for operating a Yellow Taxicab.

There are other licenses issued by the New York City Taxi & Limousine Commission for car service and limousines but they can not be used to operate the Yellow Taxicab. The Hack license however can be used to operate a limousine or car service vehicle. This fact makes the Hack License the most valuable of NYC T&LC issued operator licenses, as well as the most prestigious.

There are approximately 44,000 drivers carrying a Hack License in New York City today.


The Process and Requirements

o All applicants for a New York City Taxi Hack License must be no less than nineteen (19) Years of age

o Applicants are required to have, a Class A, B, C, or E N.Y. State Drivers License, or a license from New Jersey, Connecticut or Pennsylvania of a similar class.

o Most licenses in New York State are Class D.

o To change a license from a class D to a class E one must go to the Department of Motor Vehicles and pay an upgrade fee.

o There will be no test.

o The fee will be approximately fifty dollars.

A problem with how to get a hack license is that an applicant must owe no outstanding parking, or traffic summonses. If money is owed to the New York City for parking or traffic violations it must paid, or a documented settlement agreement with the appropriate agency must be presented to the NYC T&LC licensing division.

All applicants for a New York City Taxi Hack License must be citizens, or legal residents of the United States.

Applicants are also required to attend a New York State certified, six-hour Defensive Driving Course.

o This course must be attended no longer than six months prior to the date an application is filed with the New York City Taxi & Limousine Commission for a Hack License.

o The number one provider of defensive driving courses for New York City Taxi Drivers is the Master Cabbie Taxi Academy. Classes are available six days per week. The price is $45. or $39. with online registration.

The medical requirement for How to Get A Hack License is contained on Form B of the New York City Taxi & Limousine Commission Taxi Drivers Application which must be completed by a certified Medical Doctor.

o The application for the New York City Hack License must be submitted in person to the New York City Taxi & Limousine Commission at either 32-02 Queens Blvd. Long Island City N.Y. 11101 Monday through Friday 9AM to 4PM.

o There is a second submission location in Staten Island. Open Monday, Tuesday and Thursdays at 1893 Richmond Terrace Staten Island NY 10302.

o No walk-ins are permitted at the Staten Island Location.

o To make an appointment call: 212-227-6324.

o At the time of application submission the applicant will be required to pay a sixty dollar application fee. The fee must be paid by money order made payable to the NYC TLC.

o At the time of application submission the applicant must pay a seventy-five dollar for fingerprinting fee. The fee must be paid by money order made payable to N.Y.S.D.C.J.S.

All applicants for the Hack License are required to be tested for illegal drugs. The Hack License will not be issued to any person not completing the test.

o The New York City Taxi & Limousine Commission approved drug testing center for new applicants is located at 31-00 47th Ave. Long Island City NY 11101.

o The center is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

o Payment must be made by money order made payable to Lab Corp. Inc.

o Persons applying for the Hack License and failing the drug test will be directed to a licensing standards hearing conducted by the New York City Taxi & Limousine Commission. Following the hearing the application for the Hack License may be denied a license.

The most time consuming aspect of how to get a hack license in NYC is mandatory pre-license training for all New York City Hack Licensees. The training is in taxi related subjects, conducted by approved training institutions. The minimum training requirement is a twenty-four hour program. The program consists of a three day course, eight hours per day, with three basic components. Geography/Map Reading, Rules and Regulations / Defensive Driving and Customer Service.

There is also a course for Eighty Hours available consisting of nine eight hour days of classroom training, and one day of testing. (The NYC TAXI OPERATORS EXAM.) The eighty hour program is the original taxi driver training program on which the New York City Taxi driver exam is based.

There are other programs for how to get a hack license available which have no time constraints. The most prominent such program is conducted by Master Cabbie Taxi Academy. The programs are unlimited in length, so long as the student maintains a regular schedule at the school, and does not have to re-learn what had been taught previously.

Certain unlimited programs include all fees needed for the New York City Taxi & Limousine Commission. This service allows persons utilizing credit to have Master Cabbie Taxi Academy make the fee’s available when the student is ready for each phase of the Hack licensing process This removes the need to purchase money orders for which only cash can be used.

The taxi driver test for how to get a hack license in New York City consists of two parts. It is administered by the New York City Taxi & Limousine Commission each week at the Master Cabbie Taxi Academy.

o The Hack License applicant must successfully complete an English Proficiency as part of the exam. It is a low level ESL exam for basic, English proficiency, consisting of four parts. There are thirty questions, fifteen of which are fill-ins, and fifteen of which are multiple choice. An applicant must score twenty-one correctly to pass the exam. Applicants failing the exam are allowed to sit for a second exam on another date. Applicants failing the exam for a second time must submit a new application to the New York City Taxi & Limousine Commission if they wish to continue the process of obtaining a New York City Hack License.

o The final step in the process of How To Get A Hack License in NYC is, The New York City Taxi Operators exam. The Taxi Operators exam consists of two parts. One part is open book and the other is closed book. Part One consists of ten questions. The applicant is allowed to use a Five (5) Borough New York City Atlas and a Street address locator during this portion of the exam. For this portion of the exam forty-five minutes is allowed.

o Part Two of the New York City Taxi Operators exam allows the applicant seventy-five minutes and consists of forty questions. Approximately twelve questions will pertain to rules and regulations and defensive driving questions. The remaining twenty-eight questions will pertain to geography, landmarks, highways, air, bus and train terminals, etc. Applicants must answer thirty-five questions correctly, scoring seventy percent, or better, to pass the exam. Applicants failing the exam are allowed to sit for a second exam on another date. Applicants failing the exam for a second time must submit a new application to the New York City Taxi & Limousine Commission if they wish to continue the process.

Taxi drivers in New York City earn as much as one thousand dollars per week and more.

If you wish to apply for a New York City Hack License you should contact Master Cabbie Taxi Academy. At: 718-472-1699 or 1-800-955-TAXI.

© Terry Gelber October 2007

Terry Gelber has a NYC Hack License.

Alternative Pleading in a Divorce Action? Not So Fast!

When filing a dispute complaint, it appears that a typical lawyer's standard pleading philosophy is to make as many claims as theoretically possible, relying on the court or opposing counsel to take the appropriate action to strike the weakest claims; a strategy often referred to as "throw as much mud against the wall and see what sticks!" The Pennsylvania Rules of Civil Procedure (Pa. RCP 1020 and 1021) appear to support such a strategy by specifically allowing alternative pleading as well as pleading contradictory claims. In fact, the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania has explicitly ruled that "